About The Fashionweek

The Fashionweek is a non-profit organization that creates platforms for creatives to present their work and connect with the industry.

The aim of The Fashionweek is to create a stage and give guidance to new creatives. There is a lot of talent hidden, however there is little room for the stage that designers of fashion and textiles, fashion photographers, jewelry designers etc. can put to good use to show what they can do, and hopefully conquer a place in the difficult to penetrate fashion market. The Fashionweek provides that with fashion events, -shows, -exhibitions, -workshops and collaborations with well known brands and cultural places.

Collaboration and diversity
Creativity, individuality, collaboration, diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and craftsmanship are the keywords at this creative fashion event. Established and new names in the fashion world are given the opportunity to show themselves and their creations. There must be room for every form of fashion, but creativity and love are paramount. Everyone should also be welcome. A housemother may have much more passion for fashion than a fashion stylist and that is why we want to open up the festival by creating shows, exhibitions and workshops that are accessible to every one.

The Hague Fashionweek
By introducing The Hague Fashionweek by Dutch Fashion Embassy Foundation, more people will learn to appreciate the work of fashion designers and develop a love for the fashion trade. In addition, the creative stage is very important. The goal is to let The Hague Fashionweek grow bigger every year and eventually surpass perhaps more famous fashion weeks in visitor numbers and the stage for Dutch fashion talent.