Uniqlo X The Fashion Week

Photo: Yvonne Apeldoorn

The Hague Fashion Week and Uniqlo launched a collaboration in 2020. The Fashionweek selected illustrator artist Wies van der Wal to design a special edition tote bag for the opening of the first Uniqlo store in The Hague, The Netherlands. And emerging fashion designers Jobert Tremus and Lucia Boevé from ROC Mondriaan (fashionschool) designed two upcycled outfits made out of overstock from Uniqlo. The two designs were on display for a month in the shop window of the new store at Grote Marktstraat The Hague.

Shopwindow at Uniqlo Grote Marktstraat with designs during The Hague Fashion Week 2020. Photo: AV Photo

Together with two emerging students of the comprehensive school ROC Mondriaan The Fashionweek started a collaboration with the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.

Jobert Tremus and Lucia Boevé were asked to upcycle Uniqlo fashion into two new designs, The two fashiondesign students were selected by ROC Mondriaan and invited to masterclasses by The Hague based couturier Michelangelo Winklaar.

Uniqlo workshop The Hague Fashion Week
ROC Mondriaan students during their workshop with couturier Michelangelo Winklaar for Uniqlo. Photo: Yvonne Apeldoorn
The Fashionweek introduced The Hague based designer Wies van der Wal for her design for Uniqlo that was sold in the Uniqlo store.

Mondriaan school for fashion

Next to this project, seven fashion students were selected to present their work at the The Hague Fashion Week catwalk show. The collections varied from one until seven complete looks.

The complete fashion show by ROC Mondriaan can be found here: