Madurodam X The Fashionweek

Photo: AV Photography

The Hague based theme park Madurodam and The Fashionweek collaborated in 2020 with two fashionable projects during The Hague Fashion Weekend.

Upcycling Workshops

workshop The Hague Fashion Week Madurodam
Photo: AV Photography

With an upcycling fashion workshop Madurodam and The Fashionweek showed the importance of reusing materials. Together with De Naaierij participants from The Hague and Amsterdam came together to make bags and mouth masks out of leftover textile material provided by Madurodam.

Photoshoot Hague Magazine

Photo: Daisy von Dutch, Model: Jennes Jane (DMA Models), MUA: Guus Borsboom, Styling: Allan Vos, Location: Madurodam, Assistent: Luka Valkenburgh, Clothing: Nata Ryzh

For the special The Fashion Weekend 2020 edition of fashion magazine Hague Magazine, The Fashionweek and Madurodam put their hands together for a spectacular photoshoot with The Hague based designers such as Michelangelo Winklaar, Yamuna Forzani, Earta van Varsseveld, Ahfex Tesfom and Nata Ryzh. The complete fashion series is now to be seen in the magazine in print.